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Guiding Tenets of Ethical Leadership

Total Credits: 1 including 1 CE Credit

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3 HR Ethics Bundle
Sara Bradshaw Ray, CIC, CKC
1 hr
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Many things play into what individuals consider as "ethical", yet some foundational principles of ethical behavior stand the test of time and even technology. This session includes timeless guiding principles of tried and true leadership ethics as creatively illustrated through the eyes of General Colin Powell, Captain Michael Abraschoff, John Maxwell and other world class leaders.


Recent testimonies 

We have had a ton of great feedback so far! We’ve had people say that it was the best webinar they’ve attended and best ethics class they attended. It was an awesome turnout and I think people really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one!


Karlyn Judd

Professional Development & Events Manager

Kansas Association of Insurance Agents


“Wow – what a great class!  I love Colin Powell and loved even more hearing about how he lives through his ethics!”    

Agency Producer



“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the ethics webinar today.  It was definitely the best ethics course I’ve ever attended!”

MGA Practice Director

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Sara Bradshaw Ray, CIC, CKC's Profile

Sara Bradshaw Ray, CIC, CKC Related Seminars and Products

Sr. Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Big I Oklahoma

Like many agency principals, wearing a variety of hats on a daily basis is not new to Sara. As a full time wife and mother of college-age twins, which she claims as her greatest accomplishment to date; Ms. Ray also has over 30 years in agency ownership and management. She is a licensed Property & Casualty, Life & Health independent agent and also maintains her Certified Insurance Counselor designation of tenured distinction. Her agency management experience is complimented by a background in company commercial underwriting which enables her to uniquely step into the shoes of her agency principal clients with empathetic eyes to help evaluate and manage their agency ownership challenges.

Not only does Ms. Ray bring a wealth of industry expertise, resources and knowledge to the table, her vast experience coupled with a keen sense of the dynamics of efficiency, and its impact on productivity uniquely suits her to meet a variety of operational, management, and marketing needs in agencies today.

The founder of SynerDynamics Group, Ms. Ray is also an executive coach and heads up the consulting firm which has come to be known as an “agency asset maximization resource” in the insurance industry today. Regardless of the economics or industry cycle, agencies today are looking to maximize the power of their dollar. A renowned speaker on the subject of agency efficiency, Ray advocates that capitalizing on the power of synergy result in maximized productivity adds strength to the agency dollar and ultimately a blacker bottom line.

With a lifelong passion for developing female leaders, Ms. Ray founded MyNetwork.ins which is a national mastermind group. Soon to be in its fifth season, MyNetwork provides leadership, management, personal and professional development, executive coaching, training and network facilitation both onsite in her home state of Oklahoma as well as on a virtual platform through the United States and Canada.

When not coaching female executives or helping agencies identify their organizational efficiency issues and tackling them head on, she’s an avid volunteer in her community, church and alumni affiliations, making her home in Stillwater, OK. While she’d love to be a better golfer, she’s happy with “good enough” when playing with friends and family. She’s always happy on a beautiful beach, a black diamond ski slope or even just a “mental vacation” in the tangled web of a good mystery novel. 


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